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here we float in zero gravity
no one’s free, but no one to watch over me
how i tried, try to flee but it out runs me

in an ancient land where the
stars shine bright we will
search for life and i’ll
make it right but i
never did know how finite our sun
i'll never learn what love is to us and them

in the darkened space between
the stairs and the door
i crawl from animosity dragging me onto the floor
could i kneed more?

there was a crack from the clouds
the crowd shrieked but whimpered back
“acta est fabula, plaudite,
my heart knows no bounds to this war in our winter frozen mad
in this empty town that we once called home”

seas fall crumbling inwards
the pressure forms, pops the
eyes forever forced shut
and we’re still sinking outward
overboard with this oppression of the free, scalds me and it
burns me to leap off this earth

here i float in zero gravity
i am totally free, still my head is weighing me
i have tried my best to crawl on my hands and knees
and yet no one wants to believe me
that i’m broken and afraid that today is my last day in the cosmos still so very dull
i wish that I never learnt how to fall, this planet breaks my jaw
in a thousand ways in no loss with our busy lives

the war in me rages while
sleeping on this laser’s flight
through the brazen atmosphere of mars has re-awakened my life
birds are singing in the trees
i have usurped native industry
let it grow far beyond what you could ever want or dream

here we stand - stuck in a line lapped in red sand; will you join me?


from Skyscraper to Mars, released August 9, 2017




The Highrise Quartet Halifax, Nova Scotia

Don't expect the unexpected, but don't expect the expected either.

Incorporating mystifying math rock rhythms, indie rock absurdism, contemporary harmony, off-the-wall avant-gardism, and the abrasiveness of noise, The Highrise Quartet is here to immerse listeners in a new world of impassioned idiosyncrasies. ... more

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